NinjaTrader 8 All Strategy Access Portfolio Workspace Setups

The All Strategy Access Portfolio is designed and developed as a short term multi-strategy, multi-market, long and short portfolio, trading different methodologies and seeks to capitalize on market movements in both directions.

We recently updated the Tradestation All Strategy Access workspaces by market. The previous format was organized based on portfolio. We now have the update available in Ninjatrader 8 and will be sending the updated workspaces to Ninjatrader 8 All Strategy Access subscribers. The video shows all 9 workspaces as well as the latest trades on the day.

Ninjatrader 8 All Strategy Access Strategies
by Market

Market Number of Strategies
E-mini S&P 24
E-mini Nasdaq 17
Gold 11
Silver 5
Crude Oil 10
Natural Gas 4
Euro Currency 2
Soybeans 3
Total Strategies 77