Portfolio Calculator

An Excel tool to show the combined equity curve analysis of trading systems.

Portfolio Calculator

The Portfolio Calculator is a tool we offer so that you can customize your portfolio. The Portfolio Calculator uses Microsoft Excel with the Download Button and instructional video on the right.

The results of the Portfolio Calculator are based on end of day combined equity curve analysis.

This tool allows you to look at all of the portfolio combinations offered by Capstone Trading Systems in the drop down menu as well as the ability to customize your own setup.

The current data is updated through November 24, 2020. There will be updates on a weekly, if not daily basis.

*The data for each strategy covers that maximum amount of history in Tradestation. The results include $25 round turn slippage and commission per contract. Some strategies do not work well before the last several years but all of the historical data is there for the time period when the strategy did not work. Instead of biasing the data to only show the starting date from which the strategy performs, the entire history is there