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Daily Trading System Results April 19, 2022

50K Portfolio 1 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = +$650

200K Portfolio 6 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = +$4,000

The market went into rally mode and our strategies took the long side. There were good gains on the day, almost recovering yesterday's losses. We were up on the week until the Netflix earnings dropped the indexes at the end of the day to give some gains back.

Netflix earnings were interesting with nearly a 25% drop in NFLx in the after hours as of 4:35 pm EST. Netflix (NFLX) lost 200K subscribers in Q1. This is indicative of inflation and a consumer tightening their household budgets and contracting their spending.

Two out of three S&P strategies were profitable today.

Five out of eight Nasdaq strategies were profitable today.

10 year yields are nearly 3%, hitting 2.94% - which is a level not seen since late 2018 when the Federal Reserve tried to normalize rates.

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