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Drawdown Alert - Late Night Research

The Stock Index Portfolio 26 is in a 13,377.50 drawdown per E-mini. My target was 10-15K drawdown and I prefer the 15K+ level. I am waiting for an intra-day or end of day drawdown that exceeds 15k so I may start tomorrow intra-day on a 15k+ drawdown if the strategies are down 2k or more per E-mini intra-day.

I will send out notification if I start. Intra-day drawdowns are harder to synchronize as the market can move quite a bit into a runup or deeper into a drawdown once you receive notification.

I like the weekly cycle setup as we have seen more strength in the strategies later in the week so it can make a good starting point to trade the second half of the week when trying to time a starting point.

To synchronize or start live trading during a drawdown, you manually enter the net position and then turn on automation.

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