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E-mini Nasdaq Hits $900 Profit Target in Two Minutes

QS III E-mini Nasdaq is on of our top fully automated trading systems. It is included in several of the portfolios. This strategy stats for the last 12 months are difficult to beat with a high percentage of winners and a high profit factor. We look at the performance summary for the last 12 months. We also look at the performance summary for the last 5 years and see how the drawdowns can be steeper historically.

The main point that we make is: trading strategies have cycles and it is important to diversify your portfolios with different methodologies that have a strong history, even if there is a current drawdown.

12 months ago, many subscribers wanted to cut this strategy from the portfolio. We kept the strategy and it has been a top performer and a prime example of how you can trade in a portfolio so that any individual strategies performance won’t hurt the overall portfolio while still trading it through a drawdown.

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