Hypothetical Trading System Signals on June 16, 2022 - Nice Short Signals

The trading system signals were up about 5k today on the 200K Portfolio and +825 on the 50K Portfolio. The Nasdaq futures trading systems had some nice short signals. We are still sitting out to do research while navigating the chop.

The losses yesterday were greater than today's gains by about 1k per 200K.

The sell off today was just a continuation of Tuesday's trade. Wednesday was just a fabricated rally by the bullish marketing agenda. Everyone had the playbook to go long yesterday. As we discussed, it was a weak rally. Today's sell off is not that large if we look at the trend from Tuesday's close instead of Wednesday's close.

The focus of my research the last two day's has been Adaptive Moving Average E-mini S&P. I have converted it to one minute charts, added some volume confirmations, turned on daily and weekly stop losses. It is still a work in progress that I haven't finished yet.

Adaptive Moving Average has been one of our best performers. It can take quite a few trades and have some nice runups but can also go on a rapid losing streak. I am glad we have not been trading Adaptive Moving Average the last few days.

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