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Hypothetical Trading System Signals on September 27, 2022 - Looking for a Gap Down

We continue to experience an ultra-challenging market environment and sit on the sidelines. We are tracking the hypothetical results and researching the best strategies to trade in the stock index futures.

The portfolio that we stopped trading was the Stock Index Portfolio 26. We were trading 4 micros on the 200K Portfolio and 1 micro on the 50K Portfolio. Today, the hypothetical results were -$2,500 on the 200K Portfolio and -$625 on the 50K Portfolio.

We continue to see any selling intra-day propped up all day or by the afternoon by a machine like force. This price action distorts the trend and any short trades get stalled or stopped out while the supportive price action can generate long trades.

With all this prop up price action, I typically anticipate a gap down but the liquidity has supported the market in this area 3 days in a row so there could be a bear market rally. The Dow and S&P have tested their June 16 low but the Nasdaq is working hard to support those levels.

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