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Live Trading System Signals on 01/31/2024 & Monthly Portfolio Results

We went long today on the FOMC Trader strategy. We risked $1,000 to make $5,000 on this strategy that has a nice record the last few years taking trades on FOMC Day. The strategy was stopped out and down -$1,102.00 on the day in live trading. We end the month at -$15.00, essentially a breakeven start to the year.

The recommendation for the Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-minis and Micros was to also pause today with the option to trade the FOMC Trader.

The V-Reversals were 2 for 4 today. The Soybeans DayTrader III strategies were also profitable two days in a row.

We don't trade our portfolio strategies on FOMC Days since our research shows the portfolio is more profitable if we pause live trading on FOMC Days for our portfolio strategies. We do have the option to trade the FOMC Trader which only trades on FOMC Days.

FOMC Trader

The technical trade setup to take longs looked positive. We have seen the market rally on down days and with bearish market internals (which is what we had). We also saw a massive rally on the November 1 meeting. Technically, it looked like a good long trade setup for a delayed Gap Fill. The Fed Speak was more hawkish that the market expected. The market has been anticipating more rate cuts sooner and the Fed clarified by giving a "it will be longer than you are anticipating" press conference.

One of the things we saw this month that we thought we might see before the end of 2023 is for the Nasdaq futures to take out all-time highs. The Nasdaq has been making a "topping" pattern since it took out all-time highs a week ago on 1/24/2024. Was this just a 13 month stop running bear market rally in the Nasdaq (that started in January 2023), led and skewed higher by the Magnificent 7? The Nasdaq futures are still up about 240 points (about 1.4%) on the year. It "feels" like the gains should be much greater based on the constant bid in the market and the performance of the Magnificent 7.

Summary of January 2024 Results - 250K Portfolio

It was a volatile start to January and the portfolio we were trading hit a worse case drawdown on the hypotheticals. Because we started live trading after a hypothetical drawdown (or losing streak), and the portfolio bounced (showing some net profits from our entry point), we were able to exit at a slight gain (+1k) around the middle of the month. We risked those gains today on our FOMC Trader today, which was stopped out, to end the month, right around breakeven on the month (-$15). We exited the previous portfolio based on changes in the market as we endured some synchronization issues with the portfolio that put us behind the hypotheticals. We wanted to revise the portfolio based on some of the latest research and market changes that were challenging the existing portfolio of strategies.

Summary of January 2024 Results - Stock Index Portfolio 27

This portfolio was down approximately -$2K on the month on the E-mini and about -$200 on the Micro as hypothetical results. We will update the Portfolio Calculator by tomorrow. We continue to work for a bounce in this portfolio that started on Monday with nice gains this past Monday.

Trading Strategy for February 2024 - 250K Portfolio

Maintaining an aggressive research mindset shows us some new opportunities that I believe will help us to be more profitable in 2024 and allows us to take advantage of more markets that we haven't traded in awhile. We aren't seeing the 300 - 500 point Nasdaq rallies in this low VIX environment that we saw through mid-2023. We also note that many of our commodity strategies do well in a lower VIX environment.

I anticipate a volatile start to February which will give us the opportunity to sync up with our latest portfolio setup that includes E-mini S&P, E-mini Nasdaq, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Soybeans, Coffee, and Euro Currency, 60 strategies total shown above through January 26, 2024. The first week of January was pretty choppy but it could go either way.

Trading Strategy for February 2024 - Stock Index Portfolio 27

We released the V-Reversal strategies to our Stock Index Portfolio 27 Subscribers this past week. We maintain a very active approach to research with this portfolio. It is important to work for a bounce before making changes right at these levels since some of the updates, including adding V-Reversals would increase initial risk.

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