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Live Trading System Signals on 02/09/2024

I will post the video later this evening or early tomorrow.

The 250K Portfolio was -$1,180 on the day with Crude Oil weighing on the gains from the Stock Index. The Nasdaq was the biggest winner on the day.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 was +$1,037.50 on the day.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro was +$188.25 on the day.

DT-M4 E-mini S&P once again had a better entry on the Micro than it did on the E-mini so that there were better results on the Micros today in the SI 27.

In the 250K Portfolio Live Trading

We are down -$5,975 (-2.39%) on the week and month. This was an ideal week for us to enter into live trading in the portfolio and one that we had been waiting on. We also missed the bulk of the losses early in the week. The hypothetical losses on the week were -$17,982.50 with all five days being losses. We did not want to start at an equity peak as these types of drawdowns are always around the corner.

Last Friday, the 250K Portfolio was at an equity peak. Monday, the 250K Portfolio hypothetical loss was about -$10.5K. We started live on Tuesday after almost a 1k drawdown at the open.

This reminds me of the first trading week of the year when all 4 days (after the Monday holiday) were losing days and we were down in live results during the first week of trading -11.5K. The following week, we were up 12.6K and then paused (trading only on FOMC Day for the rest of January) based on research updates and portfolio synchronization. If we get the same type of rebound, we had less of a loss this week than we did the first week in January. Patterns don't always repeat the same way.

We are looking for a bounce as this is a really good drawdown entry alert for this portfolio based on the drawdown and losing streak. In short term trading, there are weeks when we are out of sync with the market every day and almost every trade. This week was one of those weeks as the market continues to trade in ways that are pretty extreme based on historical standards.

Today, the individual markets hypotheticals for the 250K Portfolio were:

Crude Oil was the biggest loss on the day and was down -$2,175 Nasdaq was the biggest winner at +$2,445

S&P = -$900

Gold was = +$975

Silver was = -$825

Soybeans = -$600

It was annoying to miss some of these moves and not realize some of the gains we have in the past based on the size of the moves in the stock indexes since the beginning of the year. The intricacies of these price patterns are more stealth and are not signaling as many long trades intraday with divergent market internals and more overnight moves.

One of our favorite strategies, Robot, keeps getting stopped out right at the turning point. Testing a Robot Delay pattern shows better results if we enter at the stop loss point, using the same stop loss. We could probably also expand the stop loss as well.

We talk about the opportunities in ICE products as well in this youtube video.

Coffee DayTrader is another strategy that we want to add to this setup.

Interesting stats on the Magnificent 7, top 7 Nasdaq stocks.

They are 70% of market cap.

They are 11% of revenue.

They are 27% of gross profits.

I saw this in the financial medio so be sure to fact check it. The big point is, the Top 7 Nasdaq stocks move the market more than the other 93. This is what is referred to as "narrow" leadership.

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