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Live Trading System Signals on 02/15/2024

The live trading system signals for the 250K, 60 strategy portfolio were -$4,325 versus the -$4,590 hypothetical. The main positive was the end of day recovery. We are down -8.25% on the month and on the year. We are in an extended losing streak but in a typical drawdown and working on the recovery.

Tomorrow is Friday before a Monday President's Day holiday and the potential for some strong moves exist before a three-day holiday. Friday's have been some of our best trading days after we have endured chop. The choppy market intra-day that we have been in is due for some more favorable price action. We will pause trading if we hit a -10% drawdown.

Our two best days in the portfolio in the past year have exceeded the entire drawdown this month. It is possible to capture a quick recovery after this drawdown cycle.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini was down -$300.00.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro was down -$29.50 taking the same trades.

The market continues to violently chop at the open and generate V-Reversal price action. Also, a strong trend in the Nasdaq was from 3:50 pm EST until 4:07 pm EST with a 75 point move in the Nasdaq. The intra-day chop with overnight moves and moves after 3:50 pm EST (when 0 DTE margins and day trade margins expire) have generated some nice look daily bars that don't capture the choppy price action intra-day.

At 3:50 pm EST the Nasdaq was about 3 points lower than the day session open before its 75 point rally in 17 minutes. EVP-1 NQ did capture this move for us. The market has worked hard to remove the day trade trend since November and we continue to work on locking in on this pattern. The trends have been very brief and many times outside of normal day trade hours.

With the holiday weekend, if the market does decide to work towards all time highs, the trend could take place early, instead of the choppy opens that we have observed. The market has the tendency to cycle through different patterns. One thing to consider if we decide to avoid those early trades is the shift in market cycles and how the market can resolve from chop to trend with strong trends at the open after a season of chop.

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