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Live Trading System Signals on December 5, 2022 - Good Day for Shorts

The live 200K Portfolio results are +$4,475.00 and the live results for the 50K Portfolio are +$2,375. The hypotheticals are $5,065 and $1,519.50 respectively. The Eminis underperformed while the Micros out performed.

It was good to break a two day losing streak after hitting equity peaks last Wednesday.

We started the Stock Index Portfolio 16 + BLITZ 5 today. We reduced the based setup by two E-minis, removing the Tick Count Trend II v2 1m and 5m E-mini S&P strategies. In the BLITZ 10 setup, we removed the five strategies that don't use market internals.

We have updated the Portfolio Calculator to reflect the latest results.

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