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Live Trading System Signals on May 14, 2024

The live results for the One Million MNS 110 was +$2,000 while the 250K Portfolio live results was +$400. My hypothetical results were greater as we missed some profitable trades today.

The hypothetical results for the Stock Index Portfolio 18 was +$1,955.

My dedicated server provider deleted my server account in the middle of the night by mistake. This is the type of bad luck that can happen in trading when it comes to technology. I had spent several hours setting it up last night after a forced buggy Tradestation update had my setup crashing.

Having my dedicated server account deleted in the middle of the night was a new and frustrating experience. This morning, I worked on setting it up on my desktop with some success before it started to crash on my desktop. It had been running smoothly. The last two Tradestation updates have been more buggy.

Many layers of redundancy is the theme of the day.

Its always a worse case scenario to miss a big day after waiting two weeks for a good entry and then dealing with technical errors on the first full day you want to start trading live after the platform has been running running smoothly in SIM mode.

The positives are, we are up on the month and on the quarter.

PPI was hotter than expected. Inflation can translate to asset inflation and the market was higher today. CPI is tomorrow. Until inflation gets hot enough to cause more interest rate hikes, the market will remain bullish with excess liquidity and stimulus from the last four years.

Once I have the final results for the trades on the day for the One Million MNS 110 (as it trades until 5pm EST), we can decide on a strategy to sync up again. CPI can be volatile so maybe we will have a good opportunity tomorrow or later this week to sync up again.

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