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Live Trading System Signals on November 16, 2022

The 200K Portfolio was up $625 today and the 50K Portfolio was up $150 today. The hypotheticals were +$445 and $133.50 respectively.

It was a slow boring trading day with only three strategies taking trades. The daily range was very narrow. The phrase "don't short a dull market" comes to mind and low volatility and narrow ranges, especially at this time of year seem to resolve in higher price action. We haven't had a massive rally based on no news in a long time. It is always head scratching when it happens. I wouldn't be surprised to see a continuation of last week's rally based on technical price action and seasonal liquidity as we go into Thursday and Friday. I'm looking for a strong rally going into the weekend.

We still follow our strategies but I anticipate the market moving higher and taking long trades Thursday and Friday. News events can change the tone on a dime though. The Thanksgiving holiday is next week. Holidays seem to favor the bulls as well. We will turn off our automated trading strategies at the close next Wednesday and won't turn them back on until Monday morning. We don't have overnight trading systems and our DontTradeOnHolidays will have us flat on Thursday and Friday. The stock market is closed on Thursday and closes early on Friday.

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