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Live Trading System Signals on November 22, 2022 - Long All Day with a Precipitous Plummet in VIX

We hit equity peaks today with a profit of $14,675 in the 200K Portfolio and +$4,325 in the 50K Portfolio. The hypotheticals were +$15,297.50 and +$4,589.25. We are happy to be at equity peaks while still working on the differences in live vs hypotheticals.

Our 200K Portfolio had a massive runup November 7 - 11 with big gains and five winning days in a row. Since then, we were in about an 11.7K drawdown. We took back equity peaks today by nearly 3k.

We will stay with the Stock Index Portfolio 18 MIT + BLITZ unless I send out an email before the open tomorrow.

The VIX Divergence finally presented a bullish rally. There was a precipitous plumment in the VIX again today with a modest rally in stock indexes. The stock indexes maintained a steady trend but the gains were not massive in the stock indexes. There is room to run and move higher in the stock indexes.

We were net long all day. Only a few strategies tried to short the market. The Nasdaq strategies went 7 for 11 while the S&P strategies went 4 for 5.

Tomorrow is the last trading day of the week for us since the stock market is closed on Thursday and the market closes early on Friday.

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