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Live Trading System Signals on November 28, 2022 - A Moving Average Short Trade Was the Highlight

We started out down on the day with a very choppy open. We made a comeback and were up on the day taking short trades. It's always good to do well on a down day.

Adaptive Moving Average was the top strategy on the day taking the short side all day.

The live trading results were +$2,050 on the 200K Portfolio and +$300 on the 50K Portfolio. The hypotheticals were +$1,995 and +598.50 respectively. The Micros underperformed in comparison to the E-minis since the Viper 2021 Micro NQ had two losing trades and the Viper 2021 Emini NQ had no trades.

The open was very choppy and the market had essentially been closed for four days. The Monday after Thanksgiving has been a good setup for our strategies as I tested the results for the last seven years. In general, Monday's have underperformed the average results the last few month's but we did well today even with a choppy downtrend on a Monday.

The Nasdaq strategies were 3 for 9 and only down -$342.50 on the day (hypotheticals) while the S&P was 3 for 4 on the day and up $2,337.50 (hypotheticals). The winners on the Nasdaq had much bigger winners than the losses did. Cutting your losses and letting your profits run is critical in trading.

The live results beat the hypotheticals today.

We are working on some additional research and may adjust the profit target on Cobra III ES from $600 to $1100. We have to test it in the portfolio calculator first.

There are two trading days left in November before we enter the final month of the year.

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