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Live Trading System Signals on October 28, 2022 - Tick Wave Captures 70 S&P Points

We anticipated this price action today. After yesterday's earnings report it reminded me of the CPI report. I anticipated the market would take out the highs of the week after taking out the lows yesterday. The Nasdaq opened the day session about 300 points higher than the lows last night in the after hours earnings trade for Amazon. Additionally, the follow through to the upside was not as strong as I had the highs of the week on my radar.

The live results were +$7,000 on the 200K Portfolio and +$2,050 on the 50K Portfolio. We ended higher on the week and slightly up on the month. The hypotheticals were +$7,242.50 and +$2,172.75 respectively.

We took advantage of the bulls once again today riding the market higher and are flat at the end of the day. The market continues to move higher in the after hours. Seasonals are extremely bullish and massive amounts of liquidity on the sidelines think that this is a great place to buy and dollar cost average long term.

We pay attention to the short term price trends more than the fundamentals when they don't align. We aren't going to discipline the market to trade correctly by shorting it, so we take long trades even if we believe its the wrong trade to take longer term since our duration is only for a day trade.

We go over the trades on the day as we were 8 for 11 on Nasdaq trades and 2 for 3 on S&P trades with the highlight being Tick Wave E-mini S&P capturing 70 points.

Monday is the last trading day of October. Wednesday is FOMC and the mid term elections are coming up.

I spent most of the day monitoring the strategies and doing a deep dive and development study into Gap Continuation Nasdaq. I will have more on this strategy once I have finished my research and analysis.

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