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Live Trading System Signals on October 31, 2022 - Dull Choppy Pullback is Bullish

The market went dead today in a gap down chop. We managed the chop pretty well as the 200K Portfolio was down -$1,350 and the 50K Portfolio was down -$125. The hypotheticals were down -$1,185.00 and -$355.50. Automation errors in the 50K Portfolio went in our favor and we lost less on live trades than in the hypotheticals.

We are looking forward to moving forward with our latest setup in November. I went back and looked at some of our old portfolios that had steep drawdowns, that we stopped trading before going through those steep drawdowns and found that using mostly NYSE TICK strategies improve those portfolios as well and drastically reduce drawdowns.

I thought the market would get bold here going into the end of the month and beginning of November and front run the FOMC on Wednesday. This is one of the strongest times of the year seasonally.

The market pulled back today but only on the gap down as the open to close daytrade difference was very small. To have such a "dead" tone to the market after the recent rally is typically bullish.

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