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My Top E-mini Nasdaq Trading System with Six Different Trading Options

If I had to select only one strategy right now, the Viper Trading System is the one strategy that I would select. This strategy was last updated in 2021, so we go over the out of sample results the last two years. We did recently set it up to trade on one minute bars instead of five minute bars, but it still uses data2, five minute bars for its signal. The methodology did not change.

We go over the latest results for this strategy as well as five different options that could be traded. We use $25 round turn slippage and commission. 

The progression of changes includes:

  • Base Version

  • Base Version Long Only

  • Long Only, Start at 1300 (instead of 1115)

  • Long Only, Start at 1300 (instead of 1115), Use a $600 Stop Loss instead of $1200 Stop Loss

  • Long Only, Start at 1300 (instead of 1115), Use a $600 Stop Loss instead of $1200 Stop Loss, Uses $1200 Profit Target instead of a $600 Profit Target

  • Same as Number 5, added Max Losing Trades = 2 (code addition) DailyLosers(date)<2

We look at the performance summary for each and a way to minimize daily risk with the Maximum Daily Losers function.

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