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One Million Dollar MNS 110 Portfolio Preview

In this video we preview the 110 strategy, One Million Dollar MNS Portfolio that we will be trading this month when we hit the drawdown entry alert. This portfolio includes 110 strategies. The market by market breakdown is:

  • 31 E-mini S&P

  • 32 E-mini Nasdaq

  • 16 Gold

  • 10 Silver

  • 4 Copper

  • 12 Crude Oil

  • 5 Natural Gas

The focus is to shift towards traditional day trade counter trend strategies with some overnight swing trend strategies. This is the first revision of this portfolio setup. There is already additional research as ongoing research is part of a continuous process.

The previous of the Stock Index Portfolio is being released today as well. Subscribers to the Stock Index Portfolio 18 will receive the updates by tomorrow.

This is one way to capture bigger moves in Gold.

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