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Portfolio Equity Peaks and Workspace Setups for Stock Index and Commodity Portfolios

The Stock Index and Commodity Portfolio as well as the Stock Index Portfolio 22 hit equity peaks yesterday. We have updated the Portfolio Calculator and show the latest Tradestation workspace setups.

We are out of sync with the markets for live trading after a trading pause and Covid. We are waiting for a drawdown to get back into live trading.

The market viewed yesterday's FOMC as very dovish and potentially a pivot from the Fed to reduce QE. We have said QT hasn't really even started since the balance sheet is only 0.7% from all time highs. The Fed raised interest rates to 2.25-2.50% yesterday. Its still a very low rate historically.

The Fed's balance sheet numbers will come out later today.

Q2 GDP was released this morning and down -0.9%. GDP is down two quarters in a row - which could signal a recession. There seems to be a desire to re-define anything that would be negative for the market.

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