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Prop Firm Challenge Trading System for the Nasdaq Futures

One of the main questions that I receive lately is based on how my trading systems work with Prop Firm Challenges. The Gap Continuation 2020 strategy developed four years ago is one of my best strategies that can be used to pass a Prop Firm Challenge and then trade a Prop Firm Account.

Gap Continuation 2020 can be scale from 1 micro all the way up to the maximum number of contracts. The challenge could be passed aggressively by trading 5-7 E-mini Nasdaq contracts on a day where there is a big move, with the idea that you will reset until a big move is captured. It can be traded more conservatively and take longer to pass the challenge by trading this strategy with Micros or 1 E-mini Nasdaq.

We go over all the settings as well as the recommendations. Our special offer includes up to 7 E-mini Nasdaq contracts for this subscription (typically only 4 contracts are included).

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