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Shorting Nasdaq Overnight with VSD Breakout and Long Gold and Crude Oil

VSD Breakout takes advantage of trends that start at night. Being a trend day trader has been an out of sync, late to the party feeling lately. We have gone through a period of time where the trends happen overnight and the markets chop during the day.

VSD Breakout will exit before the current session close and could go long or short again tomorrow.

We are not Pollyanna bulls or Doomsday bears. We take short term trades to take advantage of the short-term fluctuations in the market. Some of the highlights around mid-day is the VSD Breakout short starting around 5 am EST, along with Crude Oil and Gold futures longs. This is a 110 strategy portfolio that we will trade this month once we get a drawdown entry alert. Right now we are tracking the signals while waiting to go live.

These strategies work well in a portfolio using a diverse set of methodologies and duration of trades.

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