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Stock Index Rollover & Trading System of the Week

Tomorrow we start trading the June contract for the Stock Index Futures. Be sure to roll your contracts to June by changed the H to an M in the symbols for data1. Also, it is best practice to close and re-open the workspace if you see a yellow PD (Pending Data) to make sure all the data is loaded. It's really a good time to re-boot.

Speaking of Stock Indexes, Momentum Reversal NQ was the strategy of the week last week capturing 3 short trades as the S&P and Nasdaq closed down on the week after making highs on Friday with a big range rollover. This strategy also hit new equity peaks and is part of our Stock Index Portfolio 30. It can also be leased individually. Some of the top strategies from last week, such as Viper were down on the week. We prefer portfolio trading to have a diversity of trading systems.

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