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Strong Gains in the Portfolios Today with Live Results on April 11, 2024

The One Million MNS 110 was up +2.2% today. We are seeing the daytrade trend move back into the market slightly and is mostly based off of counter trend or reversal moves. The wholesale inflation data was weaker than expected. The inflation report yesterday was hotter while today's inflation data was cooler.

The 250K Portfolio was up +$4,400 based on a 20% allocation of the One Million MNS 110. The Stock Index Portfolio 18 was up about $9K today with only two trades, capturing Momentum Reversal NQ for $4,535 and VSD NQ 2024 for $4,465.

The One Million MNS for our 250K Portfolios are live results. The Stock Index Portfolio 18 is based on hypothetical signals.

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