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Top Algorithmic Trading Systems in April 2024

The Top 50 Select Portfolio is leading the way in April 2024. This was a unique portfolio from the system selection process. We analyzed the drawdown curves from a quantitative perspective and removed strategy redundancy. The quantitative selectivity process for systems selection is a theme we have discussed in both Excel and Python tools. Pattern recognition in drawdown curves is an interesting approach. Generating a complete systematic approach based on pattern recognition in drawdown curves will require more time and advanced programming to completely develop and backtest on a rolling basis.

Yesterday was a bit of an unofficial holiday in the US with the Solar Eclipse. We discuss some of the latest trades and portfolio results through Monday, April 8. We also talk about how to measure daily results in the Portfolio Calculator by day for each strategy.

Gold day trade strategies have been the top setup the past few days while overnight Nasdaq strategies have lagged with some sloppy price action.

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