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Trading System Signal on February 7, 2022 - Fed Balance Sheet at all Time Highs Still

50K Portfolio, 1 Micro SI 40 (LIVE) = -$270

200K Portfolio, 2 Micro SI 40 (LIVE) = -$650

(Based on open positions that can change by the close)

50K Portfolio OLD (Hypothetical) = +$950

200K Portfolio OLD (Hypothetical) = -$2,230

The market is starting to look more trendy as the Zig Zag Indicator drops to 16 on the day. We are due for a pretty big trend day as we are seeing the longest chop cycle with record high reversals each day. Price movements up and down become exhausted but so does high volatility. The Fed is still increasing its balance sheet and interest rates are still at 0% Fed Funds so the liquidity to prop up the market is still noticeable.

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