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Trading System Signals on 11/30/2023

The 250K Portfolio has been waiting for an opportune time to sync up with both the market and portfolio since November 14th.

The 250K Portfolio was up $9,371.74 for our live trading from 11/1-11/14.

We released the Portfolio 48 on 11/17. Since then we have seen a sideways market and a sideways equity curve with a gain of about $2,700 on the hypotheticals or about +1%.

The strategies did well today with the SR CounterTrend Golds going 4 for 4. All five stock index strategies had profitable days going 5 for 5. The majority of the stock index gains happened in the last 30 minutes with a stealth bull market rally. The range on the E-mini S&P was 24 points until 3:30 pm EST. AT 3:30 pm EST, the E-mini S&P surged almost 30 points into the cash close. 

Its not my favorite type of price action but we have great strategies for this type of market that did well today. Ive seen this market environment before and these strategies are in sync.

We are still waiting for some volatility in the equity curve to start trading this portfolio and are looking forward to December.

We discuss all the trading system signals in the video.

The hypothetical results for the trading system signals today are:

The Portfolio 48 was up $5440

The Stock Index Portolio 27 Emini was up $3,415

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro was up $343.75 

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