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Trading System Signals on January 11, 2022 - Gold and Crude Oil Longs Highlight

200K Portfolio = +$6,500

50K Portfolio = -$980

There was about a one hour trend in the stock indexes after Fed Chair Powell appeared slightly more dovish today than the Fed minutes appeared last week. The minutes talked about reducing the Feds balance sheet. Today on the hill at his Senate confirmation hearing, he was more "wait and see".

The bull's dip buying command by Marko Kolanavic continued today along with their perception of what Jay Powell said. Funny thing though, commodities traders heard the same dovish statements and Gold and Crude also caught a pretty big bid. I believe they heard that the Fed is behind the curve and isn't taking it seriously so inflation will persist. Either way, we are flat at the end of the day and are ready for the next trend up or down.

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