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Trading System Signals on January 14, 2022 - Copper and Crude Oil Highlights

200K Portfolio = -$4,780

50K Portfolio = -$1,450

For perspective, the 200K Is down -$360 on the week. The 50K is down about 5k on the week. One of the toughest weeks we have had in the 50K Portfolio. The markets have been extremely tough since the start of the year and many of the trades in the 50K Portfolio have been stopped out at a lows on longs and highs on shorts, or exited right before a move in the original direction.

The dip buyers seem to have an unlimited supply of capital to destroy the downtrend. The market is trying to have a natural and normal pullback but the excess liquidity is distorting more natural price action in favor of popular price action. We go over the results and all the trades in the 50K and 200K Portfolio. The highlights are that 60M Breakout short captured 5 consecutive 20 point winners to end the week, while Crude Oil longs and Copper Shorts were additional highlights on the day.

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