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Trading System Signals on January 17, 2022 - Copper Short and ES Long

200K Portfolio = +$1,100

50K Portfolio = no trades

Copper Short and NightTrader VSD ES were the highlight of the session with only 5 trades in this holiday shortened session. The trades for today will carry into Tuesday session. Sunday night from 5pm until Tuesday at 4pm are all part of Tuesday's session. The stock market is closed today for the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday.

The futures were open but close early around noon CST and will re-open at 5pm CST to continue Tuesday's session. On US only holidays, the futures tend to remain open like this as global events can happen and the futures markets are open to hedge risk in the unlikely event that there is a major news event on a holiday that requires some hedging of market positions.

Most of our strategies and our day trade strategies use DontTradeOnHolidays functions to remain flat. Some overnight and swing trade strategies do trade and remain open. I thought there was a significant move lower in Bond prices (higher move in yields) in the holiday session that could affect the markets on Tuesday's trade.

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