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Trading System Signals on January 21, 2022 - Volatility Adjustments

50K Portfolio = -$2,800

200K Portfolio = -$5,500

Massive volatility in the markets. We are seeing $5k moves in 15 minutes on the Nasdaq and regular $2k ranges on 15 minute charts. We go over all the trades as we are at a worse case drawdown in the 50K Portfolio and near a worse case drawdown in the 200K Portfolio. With the massive ranges, it becomes difficult to short the stock indexes on the way down. You need 3-5K stop losses to stay in the trade.

JP Morgan's Marko Kolanavic was certainly wrong a week ago Monday when he said it was time to buy the dip. We go over a potential micro portfolio setup for the 50K and we will consider trading stock indexes only in the 200K Portfolio as Gold and Crude Oil, as well as Soybeans have become really sloppy markets. Withholding liquidity from those exchanges for awhile would be in our best interest.

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