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Trading System Signals on January 25, 2022 - Crude Oil Highlight and Reducing Risk

200K = -$9,600

50K = -$3,000

Our live results were much worse than the strategy signals with 3 platform crashes. My platform has been stable but it had many crashes today. The results are at least $1000 worse per unit on each portfolio. The live results show that we are down about 19% in the 200K and down about 35% in the 50K Portfolio. My recommendation is to reduce risk by trading 1 Micro on the 50K Portfolio and 2 units of the Micros on the 200K Portfolio. This is the new Micro NQ 20 setup. It is in about a 2k drawdown out of 4k max drawdown since mid 2016. This portfolio setup has done well with these type of pandemic volatility levels.

No guarantee that it will perform as well in the future but we recommend reducing risk here. Fed meeting tomorrow. If volatility increases further, I recommend that we stop trading until it settles. I don't want to get caught in limit moves and flash crashes. The market has been so propped up on what I now believe is false hope and the Fed will be more hawkish and selling will accelerate. I hope I am wrong. Either way the Micro NQ Portfolio, if it performs like it did in 2020 and 2021, it would return a 30%+ gain on 2 micros on the 200K and 60% gain on 1 micro on the 50K. Crude Oil was a highlight. I also go over the Volume Sum Day and Price Movement indicators. Don't underestimate how volatile and unusual this market is right now. These are not normal market conditions and trading small or not all is okay.

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