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Trading System Signals on March 2, 2022 - New Portfolio

We are still in research mode but we track our trading system signals. We do have a new portfolio to begin trading tomorrow for the 200K Portfolio.

50K Portfolio, 1 Micro SI 40 (HYPOTHETICAL) = -$800

200K Portfolio, 2 Micro SI 40 (HYPOTHETICAL) = -$1600

(Based on open positions that can change by the close)

We continue to navigate some of the more challenging times and price action.

After the state of the union address last night and Fed speak on capital hill and continued tensions from Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, the market remains range bound since last Friday, four trading days in a row.

The bulls are trying to create a cyclical bottom here but fundamentally and technically, a rally doesn't look favorable. I believe the market will trade below last Thursday's lows in the next few weeks. We go over a new Stock Index Portfolio setup as well.

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