Trading Systems Signals on January 31, 2022 - Good Short Setups for February?

50K Portfolio (LIVE, 2 Micro NQ) = -$1,300

200K Portfolio (LIVE, 2 Micro NQ) = -$2,600

50K Portfolio (OLD HYPOTHETICALS) = -$1,235

200K Portfolio (OLD HYPOTHETICALS) = -$1,005

We ended a tough month today. Its one of those months where nothing really went our way. We scaled down to stock indexes and micros. Today we gave back Fridays gains + 150 per micro. The persistent choppy dip buying all the way down has persisted to an even greater level than anticipated. Markets typically have more favorable two sided price action with eventual trends to the downside intra-day. The tone of the markets can change on the month and we have also seen that. I look forward to starting a new month tomorrow.

This rally feels like both a bear market rally and a stealth bull market rally at the same time in today's trade with a confusing tape that includes negative selling volume in the futures. Our micro strategies lost on 16 of 17 trades today, taking both long and short trades. That is a pretty extreme losing day. The setup we are trading was up on the month and starting or adding to positive setups that have an end of month drawdown is the ideal way to add to, or enter addition contracts. We are off to a challenging start in 2022 and will continue to manage this based on how we see February's trade begin.

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