50K Futures Trading Systems Portfolio for 2021

We released the latest 2021 version of the 50K Portfolio on December 8, 2020. The only change from the 2020 version of this portfolio is that profit targets are being added to Cobra III NQ. 

The strategies included are:

Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq Profit Targets
SR CounterTrend II E-mini S&P
Nightrader E-mini S&P
Gap Continuation 2020 E-mini Nasdaq
Cobra CT III E-mini S&P
SR CounterTrend IV Crude Oil
Soybeans Swing Conservative
Cobra Crude v3 Conservative
SR CounterTrend III ON Crude Oil A
SR CounterTrend III ON Gold A

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The 50K Portfolio is an automated trading systems portfolio that includes 10 fully automated trading systems. it has been one of our top performers in 2020 and we anticipate it will be in 2021.

The markets are always changing but as we discussed before, the election uncertainty and coronavirus are outliers. Additionally, negative Crude Oil prices and unprecendented amounts of stimulus from the Federal Reserve are additional outliers which have created a different trading environment.

In spite of it all, one small adjustment really improves this portfolio.

The one adjustment includes adding a profit target to the Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq trading system. The number of intra-day reversals with fewer and fewer “all day” trends, made it difficult to capture mega moves into the close.

We have to be more fractional and agile with profit targets in this type of market.

We anticipate a market similar to 2017 where there were more waves than “V” patterns. The SR CounterTrends did well in 2017. This portfolio includes SR CounterTrend strategies and is ideal for the market we anticipate in 2021.

25K – 50K Portfolio Hypothetical Performance Summary
$25 Round Turn Slippage and Commission
1/1/2008 – 12/28/2020
25K-50K Portfolio

*The 25K Portfolio can be leased on a monthly basis and will include up to two contracts per strategy. This setup includes 10 strategies. 

Additional contracts will require additional subscriptions.

*The 25K Portfolio Annual Subscription includes up to four  ontracts per strategy. This setup includes all 10 strategies. 

Additional contracts will require additional subscriptions.


From: $250.00 / month