The 25K – 50K Portfolio is a multi market, multi strategy portfolio that trades 10 different strategies on the E-mini S&P, E-mini Nasdaq, Crude Oil, Gold, and Soybeans. 6 of the 10 strategies are day trade strategies while the other 4 strategies are swing trade strategies. The portfolio has been developed to work in Tradestation, MultiCharts, and NinjaTrader.

The latest report for March 9, 2020 is below as the current portfolio is at a new equity peak after being released in mid December 2019.

The capitalization can vary based on your brokerage margins and risk tolerance. This portfolio is diversified to the extent possible based on futures contract sizing and markets traded.

Other portfolios such as the Stock Index Portfolio narrow the markets but broaden the diversity in methodology.

We released the latest 2020 version of the 25K Portfolio on December 10, 2019. This is the webinar replay for the 10 strategy portfolio that trades Gold, Crude Oil, Soybeans, E-mini S&P and E-mini Nasdaq. It is at equity peaks on 03/09/2020.

The strategies included are:

Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq
SR CounterTrend II E-mini S&P
Nightrader E-mini S&P
Gap Continuation 2020 E-mini Nasdaq
Cobra CT III E-mini S&P
SR CounterTrend IV Crude Oil
Soybeans Swing Conservative
Cobra Crude v3 Conservative
SR CounterTrend III ON Crude Oil A
SR CounterTrend III ON Gold A

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25k – 50 k Portfolio Hypothetical Performance Summary
$25 Round Turn Slippage and Commission
1/1/2008 – 09/30/2020

*The 25K Portfolio can be leased on a monthly basis and will include up to two contracts per strategy. This setup includes 10 strategies. 

Additional contracts will require additional subscriptions.

*The 25K Portfolio Annual Subscription includes up to four  ontracts per strategy. This setup includes all 10 strategies. 

Additional contracts will require additional subscriptions.


From: $250.00 / month