AT 2020 E-MINI S&P

An automated trading strategy for the Tradestation, NinjaTrader, and MultiCharts platforms, that was originally developed in 2001 and recently modified as shown in the next video on November 13, 2019. This strategy uses the NYSE TICK to enter long trades and price patterns to enter short trades. The major benefit of this strategy is that it is still making equity peaks in the past year, even after its original development in 2001.

This strategy uses a range based stop loss but the AT 2020 update allows for a fixed stop loss with a default value of $1900. The AT 2020 Update also added a breakeven stop loss of 9 points on short trades only. 

Most of our strategies are balanced and use similar if not the same approach for long and short trades. This strategy uses different long and short trade rules.


On November 13, 2019, we update AT 2019 to AT 2020. This strategy was originally developed in 2001 and is making equity peaks in the past year. One of the reasons, that we chose to update this strategy is to reduce draw down and improve the average trade profit.

Some of the changes include:

  1. Remove one rule from the short trade entry
  2. Add a 9 point breakeven stop loss to short trades
  3. The option to add a fixed stop loss instead of default range based S/L
  4. Added the DontTradeOnHolidays function
  5. Changed R for the Stop Loss from 5 to 8.8

This is just one of the many strategies in the Stock Index Portfolio. 

AT 2020 E-mini S&P 

Hypothetical Performance Summary

No Slippage or Commission
11/03/1997 – 11/19/2020
AT 2020 ES Performance Summary
Annual Subscription
An annual subscription is the easiest way to get started. We do not offer monthly subscriptions since strategies can go through multi-month losing streaks. An annual subscription will license you up to 4 contracts per market that you subscribe.
Lifetime License
The lifetime license doesn’t limit the number of contracts traded and can be traded on all stock index futures. The code is close and the strategy remains proprietary but the code will never expire.
Open Code License
The Open Code License gives you access to the code. This is beneficial for traders who want to know how the strategy works and for traders who want to modify the strategy to add their own custom rules to the trading system. The Open Code price is $25,000 and requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

AT 2020 E-MINI S&P

From: $495.00 / year