The Micro Stock Index and Micro Gold Portfolio is a 52 strategy fully automated trading systems portfolio. This portfolio includes 39 Stock Index strategies for E-mini S&P and E-mini Nasdaq and 13 strategies for Gold.

Since the Micro contracts were released in mid 2019, volume has been solid and these contracts have been a good contract to trade with the spike in volatility for smaller traders.

The Micro Stock Index and Micro Gold portfolio can be traded with 20K – 35K, depending on your broker. There has never been an opportunity to trade this many strategies and have this sort of diversity in the futures markets with this type account size.

Typically, a 25K account could trade 10 strategies at most, during periods of low volatility.

This portfolio can also be traded with the E-mini Nasdaq, E-mini S&P, and Gold futures contracts with a larger accounts size of at least 200K. This portfolio has been highlighted for the Micro contracts since the Micro S&P, Micro Nasdaq, and Micro Gold are the most liquid contracts that can be traded with the Micros.

Micro Stock Index and Micro Gold Portfolio
Hypothetical Performance Summary
*Results for Micros are Based on 10% of the Results for
the E-Mini ES, E-Mini NQ and Gold with 
$25 round turn slippage and commission
1/1/2008 – 09/30/2020
Micro-Stock-Index-and-Micro-Gold-Portfolio-2020-09-30 (1)

*The Micro Stock Index and Micro Gold Portfolio Annual Subscription license includes 52 strategies with up to 4 contracts per strategy. 

Additional contracts will require additional subscriptions.


$1,995.00 / year