Tick Count Trend II E-mini S&P

$TICK Count Trend II is the counter trend version of $TICK Count Trend. It uses the NYSE TICK symbol to help determine the direction of the trend based on the NYSE TICK if a trend exists. TICK Count Trend waits for a trend while Tick Count Trend II takes trades when there is no trend.

The indicator keeps track of the the number of NYSE TICKS above the Bull Threshold, the number of NYSE TICKS below the Bear Threshold, and the number of neutral TICKS in between the bull and bear threshold during the day on 1 minute charts. Looking at the TICK Count Trend Indicator can be used to help determine the trend of the stock market. This can be used with stock index futures day trading.


As of 4/20/2019. This strategy was developed on one minute bars. I have been watching the five minute setups lately and we show this new setup. The code/algorithm is the same. We change data 1 and data 2 to five minute bars and change the exit time to 1610 instead of 1614 EST.

The one minute and five minute versions could be traded simultaneously for diversity. The latest hypothetical backtest shows that since 2016, the average trade profit is between $80 and $100 before slippage and commission. Going back to July 2006, the average trade profit exceeds $50 per contract. The longer term results are good.

While this is considered new research, the fact that the code wasn’t changed and the back test is solid going back 12+ years, this is a strategy to consider during low VIX.


Tick Count Trend II E-mini S&P (1 minute)

Hypothetical Tradestation Performance Summary
No Slippage or Commission
7/3/2006 – 12/03/2020

Tick Count Trend II E-mini S&P (5 minute)

Hypothetical Tradestation Performance Summary
No Slippage or Commission
7/3/2006 – 12/03/2020

*The 100K Portfolio Annual Subscription license includes 35 strategies with up to 10 contracts per strategy. 

Additional contracts will require additional subscriptions.

The video above (on the right) shows real time analysis and an explanation between different platforms for the NYSE Tick.

The $TICK symbol is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and keeps track of all the stocks on the NYSE on a tick by tick basis, tracking how many stocks are in an uptick, how many are in a down tick, and how many are in a side tick. The $TICK symbol is the difference in the number of stocks in an uptick and those in a downtick. There are approximately 3700 stocks on the NYSE. For example, if there are 2500 stocks in an uptick and 1200 in a downtick, then the $TICK symbol will be +1300. This number can be a + or – number. Another example, is if 2500 stocks are in a downtick and 1200 stocks are in an uptick, the $TICK symbol will be -1300.

The $TICK symbol usually has readings between +1200 and -1200. This symbol only represents the NYSE stocks and not the entire universe of all stocks but can be a good indicator of the short term direction of the stock market and can be useful when trading stock index futures.

How the NYSE TICK is different on different trading platforms and from different data providers?

In June 2012, we have found that the TICK symbol is different in different trading platforms. We have focused on just one platform and data provider for many years but as we look at different platforms we have learned more about how the NYSE Tick is calculated. Each quote provider calculates the NYSE Tick. It does not come from the New York Stock Exchange. Different quote providers use a slightly different list of NYSE stocks to make the calculation and the update interval can be slightly different as well.

Trading systems results between different platforms can vary because of this and for our Tick Count Trend trading system, we use different bull and bear threshold values. In our NinjaTrader platform using Kinetick data, the symbol is ^TICK and the bull and bear threshold are +/-100 while in Tradestation the symbol is $TICK and the thresholds are +/- 200. These are the thresholds that match the best between platforms going back one year from June 2012.

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An annual subscription is the easiest way to get started. We do  not offer monthly subscriptions since strategies can go through multi-month losing streaks. An annual subscription will license you up to 4 contracts per market that you subscribe.
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Open Code License
The Open Code License gives you access to the code. This is beneficial for traders who want to know how the strategy works and for traders who want to modify the strategy to add their own custom rules to the trading system. The Open Code price is $25,000 and requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

Tick Count Trend II E-mini S&P

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