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The Capstone Trading Systems Market Portfolios are developed by combining different automated trading systems that use different trading methods in order to seek risk adjusted returns through diversity. Combining trading systems that trade trend, counter trend, and mean reversion patterns on different timeframes and frequencies provide us with opportunities to profit in every type of market environment.

Experience in the markets and understanding each systems response to certain market conditions will allow for a determination of which systems will work best in current market environments.

The adaptability of our trading systems to adjust to markets that are continuously evolving and changing is critical in the next generation of our market portfolios. Our market portfolios are actively managed and adjusted as new opportunities are revealed in the market and new insights are learned from data analysis and pattern recognition.

We offer multiple automated trading system portfolios for different levels of capitalization. The portfolios are available in the Tradestation and MultiCharts platforms and can be traded at many different brokerage firms that support these platforms.

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