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Market Portfolios are developed using our Portfolio Design criteria to achieve optimal risk adjusted returns. Each portfolio includes a diverse group of futures trading systems that are updated on a regular basis to take advantage of our latest research and adjust for regime changes in the market.

For live trading, the individual trading sytems in a Market Portfolio are fully automated and traded simultaneously in Multi-Strategy Automation mode on a server using one of our recommended brokerage platforms.

All Strategy Access - All Strategy Access includes all strategies listed in the Portfolio Calculator with an annual closed code subscription of 10 contracts per strategy on full futures contracts and E-minis.

All Strategy Access Stock Index E-minis - includes the Stock Index Futures E-mini strategies in the All Strategy Access with an annual closed code subscription of 10 E-mini futures contracts per strategy.

All Strategy Access Stock Index Micros - includes the Stock Index Futures Micro strategies in the All Strategy Access with an annual closed code subscription of 10 Micro futures contracts per strategy.

One Million MNS Portfolio - a multi-strategy, multi-market portfolio for larger accounts with strategies that trade during the day session and overnight session using different entry and exit methodologies.

Stock Index Portfolio - a portfolio that specializes in our latest stock index futures trading systems to capture moves in the stock indexes. This portfolio may include small allocations to other markets from time to time such as Gold and Silver.

Top 50 Select - a new portfolio released for trading on April 1, 2024 that uses a new selection criteria based on removing strategy redundancies and makes a selection based on a favorable responsive to the drawdown curve. 

50K Portfolio - a smaller version of some of our larger portfolios that trades multiple markets to achieve both market and strategy diversity. It trades full sized and E-mini futures contracts.

250K Managed Portfolio - a professionally managed account that manages the portfolio selection and strategies based on the latest and most up to date research. It is traded for the client who prefers to invest in an algorithmic trading systems portfolio as an active and alternative asset class.

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