Trading Systems provide a data driven trading methodology that is based on years of market research. Strategies are developed and implemented based on market conditions using our approach.

              "Observe. Code. Test. Trade."

Market observations are coded into an trading algorithm that can be backtested and fully automated for trading once it meets our test criteria for an individual strategy and fits into a portfolio selection.

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  • Tick Reversal NQ

  • Adaptive Moving Average ES

  • 60M Breakout NQ

  • Gap Continuation NQ

  • Cobra III 2022 NQ

  • Cobra III ES

  • EVP-1 NQ

  • TICK Pullback NQ

  • NightTrader ES

  • Cobra CT III ES

These are our Top 10 individual trading systems that we recommend. We track 145 strategies every day. All strategies are available in the All Strategy Access Portfolio. Individual strategies can also be leased as well. 

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