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2024 Trading Systems Portfolio Release

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 update on December 12 is our latest, 27 fully automated trading systems portfolio setup. It includes 15 S&P strategies and 12 Nasdaq strategies.

The 15 S&P strategies include 3 trend and 12 counter trend. The 12 Nasdaq strategies include 7 trend and 5 counter trend.

The strategies can be traded on the E-minis or Micros.

The update from the previous portfolio includes:

1.) Adding Tick Count Trend II v2 2024 ES 1m (we still trade the original version)

2.) Adding Gap Fill Master ES 1m with a 500SL and 350PT

3.) Replace Tick Fader ES with Tick Fader 2024 ES

4.) Remove Momentum Reversals ES 5m

5.) Remove SR CounterTrend II v2M 2024 NQ

Some strategies such as AT 2022 NQ 15m and Momentum Reversals NQ 5m were converted to 1 minute charts.

All strategies are now using the @ES or @NQ (@MES and @MNQ for micros) with the US STOCK Custom Session (8:30 am - 3:15 pm CST) instead of any .D symbols.

The .D symbols were refreshed sometimes after a holiday and changed the signal.

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