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Active Trading System Portfolios for Q2 2020 – Volatility Adjusted Automated Trading Strategy

We have updated the latest Portfolio Calculator through March 30, 2020. The update through today will be posted today or later tomorrow.

In March, we were introduced to the highest daily dollar ranges and VIX readings we have ever seen in the financial markets. Some of the portfolios hit worse case drawdowns, which is to be expected with this much volatility, but have rebounded to equity peaks by the end of the month.

With a fast market, we saw some Orders Rejected and higher margins at some brokers.

We made some updates to the portfolios by limiting some strategies as volatility increases and as we see limit moves.

We go over the portfolio trading system results from the beginning of the year and what to trade in Q2, 2020, and how to manage higher margins.

New market events can require some adjustment. We have adjusted the strategies and portfolios for higher volatility without optimizing or curve fitting.

The video is very comprehensive and a mini webinar on how to trade the new portfolio setups starting tomorrow.

There are 7 portfolios overall including:

25k-50K Portfolio

200K Portfollio

Stock Index Portfolio 19

Stock Index Portfolio 36

SR CounterTrend II, III, IV

100K DayTrade Portfolio

Liquid DayTrade Portfolio

The latest Portfolio Report for each will be posted later today or tomorrow so that it will include results through March 31, 2020.

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