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Adding Soybeans DayTrader III 2024 and Portfolio Update

We are releasing Soybeans DayTrader III 2024 on January 30, 2024. This is a strategy that we have had for many years. The only change we are making are the exits. The code and entry techniques are the same. The equity curve is at a good entry point since it has gone through a sideways cycle. This strategy also improves our 250K Portfolio. Adding both the Soybeans DayTrader III 2024 (conservative and selective) and Soybeans DayTrader III 2024 B (more aggressive) increases the net profit without increasing the drawdown in the current 250K Portfolio.

We also have a new Beta 250K Portfolio setup that adds Euro Currency, Soybeans, and Coffee (6 strategies) as well as one strategy for each of the following markets: E-mini S&P, E-mini Nasdaq, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas, for a total of 60 strategies.

It is powerful when simply expanding the stop loss, while keeping the entry rules the same improves a strategy.

The new Beta 250K Portfolio, 60 Strategies that includes 10 additional strategies and 3 new markets is shown below. This is hypothetical performance and includes mostly existing strategies. The specific combination of these strategies is new.

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