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Backtesting Stock Index Portfolio 26 in Multicharts - Longs and Shorts

We take a look at the Stock Index Portfolio 26 in the the Multicharts Portfolio Trader. This tool breaks down the trade statistics that we can't see in the Portfolio Calculator.

I wanted to measure the difference between the longs and shorts. This portfolio takes short term trades on both the long and short side. We see that since January, the longs and shorts are both profitable. Since May 1, 2022, only the long side has been profitable. It certainly feels like every short trade has been challenging the last few months. This analysis quantifies what we have seen.

The bias to the long side has been extreme. Markets are cyclical so I anticipate that there will be some mean reversion in the cycles and that short trades will come back.

We show the 11 year backtest for Stock Index Portfolio 26 in the Multicharts Portfolio Trader. We also show mid-2017 forward.

Correction, we stated 2016 forward in the video while we were referring to mid 2017 forward.

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