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Best Trading System Portfolio Backtesting Tools

My three favorite tools for testing portfolios are:

2.) Multicharts Portfolio Calculator

The special offer for the Portfolio Money Management Algorithms is through this Thursday 11/30/2023.

I have used the Portfolio Calculator tool for years (since the 90's). It takes some time to build in order to import all the data. Once it is built, it is the fastest way to test a combination of trading systems. The results are end of day combined equity curve analysis.

The Multicharts Portfolio Trader takes more time to run each setup. Whenever you make a change to the portfolio, running the tool for an entire backtest is repeated and it takes some time to re-run it. While I prefer instant results instead of waiting so I can test more ideas, I love using this tool because it does a deeper dive than the Portfolio Calculator by generating the closed traded equity and drawdown curve. It also generates a report for each strategy and includes the statistics for all the trades.

The Portfolio Money Management Algorithms (PMMA) are next generation. It allows us to backtest a combination of trading systems down to the one-minute level and add additional equity curve rules based on the combination of a group of trading systems. It is a trading system for a group of trading systems. The PMMA allows us to automate the same setup that was backtested. Each setup can be customized.

The Portfolio Money Management Algorithms and Money Management Algorithm are an open code software solution with open code examples. The special offer is good through tomorrow.

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