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Cobra Euro Currency 2024 Update

The Cobra Trading Systems were developed over 15 years ago. The Euro Currency was one of our favorite markets to trade. Since 2016, the ranges, tone and intra-day opportunity have contracted. As of February 2024, we see this opportunity coming back into the market as interest rates have become more "normalized".

The original strategy stopped signaling the same number of trades and trade frequency dropped below 10 trades per year in recent years. The same exact strategy would signal as many as 90+ trades per year 15 years ago.

The original strategy has recently made equity peaks. To make this strategy generate more trades, we adjusted the volatility filters to capture the more "stealth" and "efficient" nature of this market. This increases the trade frequency, and the performance has been strong since September 2022 when we reduce the threshold of the volatility filter. This market still has narrower ranges than it did 15 years ago.

Both strategies are being added to the Portfolio Calculator and are potential candidates for portfolio trading as well as individual strategy trading.

Learn more and see the latest backtested performance summaries for Cobra Euro Currency here.

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