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Cobra III Nasdaq Volatility Adjustments for 0% Winners in 2022

Volatility is deceptive. Big changes in volatility are more challenging than the trend itself. We have experienced some of the greatest volatility levels we have ever seen in 2022 so far. I believe there is more volatility to come. Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq is one of our top trading systems and had an incredible 2021. Since its December 27th equity peak, it has gone 0 for 13, experiencing more consecutive losers than it has ever had in its history. The previous record was 8. The portfolio is not at a worse case drawdown though. In a slow drawdown you get the occasional winner to break the losing streak. This was a fast drawdown. There are two ways we can adjust Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq. We recently did this with Tick Pullback E-mini Nasdaq. Using a bigger stop loss or volatility filter are two ways that we discuss in the video. Cobra III has been one of the main algorithms in most portfolios. The Cobra III trades are not always wrong, but because it uses a 30 point stop loss, we have been getting stopped out on every trade since December 27th.

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