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Cobra III NQ Equity Peaks and $1000 in 15 Seconds on the Nasdaq

As soon as we shorted the Nasdaq with Gap Continuation 2019 today, our shorts were quickly stopped out.

The market quickly surged 50 points (actually 48.75) points in 15 seconds. I remember when the daily ranges were less than 50 points not too many years ago.

We also look at how the $1200 (or 60 point) and $2000 (or 100 point) stop loss version of Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq are at equity peaks with profits on today's trade.

The 30 point stop loss version hit equity peaks on December 27, 2021. Then it went through a 15 consecutive trade losing streak. It is rare to see a strategy suddenly need an increase in the stop loss by a factor of 2 - 3 times what it was.

The main point is, volatility has surged in 2022 and much higher stop losses or smaller position sizing is necessary.

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