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Consistent Crude Oil Strategies and an Energy Futures Portfolio

Crude Oil has been a good market to trade with consistent trends. Dip buying has been the way to trade this market since July 2020.

We anticipate higher energy prices based on demand and potential inflation.

We have 7 different but correlated dip buying strategies for Crude Oil.

SR CounterTrend II SR CounterTrend IIv2M 1m SR CounterTrend IIv2M 5m SR CounterTrend IIv2M 15m SR CounterTrend III A SR CounterTrend III B SR CounterTrend IV

These strategies buy the dip in an uptrend and short rallies in a downtrend. These strategies enter trades counter to the intra-day trend but in the direction of the long term trend.

Cobra Crude Oil will trade in the direction of the intra-day trend on small pullbacks. It is an intra-day trend strategy that does not look at the longer term trend.

If the Crude Oil market starts to trade with momentum to the upside, a strategy like Cobra Crude Oil may be more profitable while the SR Counter Trends may not have a chance to get into the trade as there may not be as many dips to buy in stronger uptrends.

Additional strategies that are trading on Nasdaq futures such as 60M Breakout and VSD Breakout may also be added if we start to see a “runaway” bull market.

These strategies also take short trades so even if the market turns down, there are opportunities to short Crude Oil with these strategies.

We prefer portfolios since any give strategy can go sideways or down over a 1-2 year period. We demonstrate this in the video.

We develop portfolios of strategies by market and group them together in our portfolios. While we recommend the All Strategy Access Portfolio as our most comprehensive portfolio, the Crude Oil Portfolio can be leased individually, and includes the strategies in this video.

Lease all Crude Oil strategies, 10 Total, with up to 4 contracts for each strategy.

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