Daily Trading System Results on December 31, 2021

200K Portfolio = -$5,000

50K Portfolio = +$400

The markets traded more like a holiday today, even though there are no holiday hours. It was the last day of the week, month, quarter, and year. I had anticipated more activity and was surprised at the lack of tone to the market. Monday was the last real trading day of the month and we have had four days of chop. December has been a good trading month and 2021 has been a good trading year for the portfolios.

The last 4 days have given back enough gains in the 200K Portfolio to signal a drawdown alert. One of my favorite entries in the portfolios is start on the new month after it hits a drawdown alert and it has had a strong month. Q1 is seasonally strong and after 4 days of what looks like holiday trade, the new year could generate some nice trading conditions.

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